Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dressy Dress

   Hello everyone! Today it is a special day for me, so I am wearing a perfect feminine dress, I am in love with. I was very pleased when I received it, so I couldn't help it not to show you, too! Isn't it lovely?

   Sometimes a dress, being a one piece garment is so easy to wear and if the dress is suitable for the event and we accessorize it properly, the effect can be the one we are expecting, to be in a beautiful way in the center of everybody's attention. Dresses are so popular for the special occasions, such a proms or weddings, but don't you think every lady should wear dresses more often than that? I admit, I am a dresses lover and I would wear them anytime and anyplace.
   Hope you like the way I styled my beautiful dress which you can find it HERE.

   Thank you very much for reading and visiting!! My best wishes to all of you!!


What I am wearing:
Dress: HERE 
Shoes: Poema
Clutch: Local store
Earrings: HERE


  1. wow amazing dress !!! <3 You look like a Princess !!! Beautiful <3

  2. beautiful dress!! <3


  3. Beautiful dress and the pictures are great! Perfect summer look!

  4. Yess, you are beautiful!! I need your dress!! The photos are amazing, perfect place, you made my day happier! xx

  5. So ,so cute my Dear!,;You look amazing ,and Your hair,photos -love it!******;))


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