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Recreating trends. That's the most intriguing and challenging thing that fashion brings from time to time. That's my favorite part. It really challenges your mind and imagination. Fashion it really is an imagination exercise for me and for most of you, I bet. Today we are treating the white shirt! That classic fashion staple. So, how to restyle the white shirt? Simple as that! Adapt it to the new trends or introduce it to a very actual outfit. Wear it with some modern denim pants or skirts, with wide leg- pants, in layered looks, or in a simple outfit joined to some mules or, more challenging, with sneakers. You can also borrow your boyfriend, father, brother's white shirt. Wear it with confidence! The final result will be stylish. 

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Part 1

If you are going to do a style update to your wardrobe, the best shoes you should ever try, are the mules. Flats, or high heels, in pastels or shiny colors, these are a really challenge to all the "into fashion girls". Freshen up your look with your favorite color in mules. 

Those heeled mules are more for that classic and refined look. Or that flat mules for a more casual and cool style. Today I choose to treat the heeled ones. 

For an easy elegance, wear your mules with a white boyfriend shirt and a pair of cullotes or wide leg pants. For a more romantic and chic look, wear them with a simple satin dress. Add a simple trench for those cold nights out. As for a day to day look, pair them with ankle denim. It always works. 

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Part 2

  The flat mules, looks so easy to wear. Actually wearing them is easy, but wearing them with style, that's the hardest part. We've seen them on fashion blogs, on the street, at the Fashion Shows of the season, in so many ways and styles.
  In fact, the mules without heels have such a simple, not at all sophisticated and a casual aspect. This is why we could urge to join the flat mules to a more crowded outfit. This is the trick. Wear them simple, clean and chic! The effect is guaranteed.

Photo Source: Pinterest


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