Thursday, 7 May 2015

City of Angels

  Hello you! Welcome to my blog! I have a new post with a fun and casual styling, appropriate for a sunny walk in the park or a very active day. Casual means comfort but it is also fun! Feel free to add your personal expression, improvise and be original! Whatever makes you feel good and comfortable is cool! The way you feel speaks for yourself. I am wearing my blazer with my sneakers, this a great combination and I simply love it! Also don't forget to add some colors, funny tops or some trendy accessories to your casual outfit! Hope you like my choice!! Thank you very much for reading!! See you soon!!


   What I am wearing:
    Blazer: Poema
    T-shirt: Kenvelo
    Jeans: Pull and Bear
    Bag: Zara
    Sneakers: Miniprix