About Me

 Hi! I am Rada Mariana.

 I am a romanian girl, living in a small town, called Pitesti, and I am in love with fashion. I am just spending my free time digging every day on the internet and into fashion magazines, looking for new style ideas, trends and perfect looks.

  I also have a passion for photography and i just love spending my time with friends having a coffee or cappuccino, I can't decide yet which one is better. I love them both :))

  This blog has born from my passion for fashion and beauty and i hope you will spend quality fashion time here

  Every person have the desire of looking good so they can be accepted in society and maybe, admired. This is a blog that will encourage you to find your style and feel good with it, experimenting with different looks, styles, and textures.  You will see that not only the rich ones or the famous can look good, just use your creativity applied to your beauty and personality, and don’t be ashamed to be yourself! The way we dress speaks for us. So? What do you want to express? You really don’t need to spend fortune on clothes, you just have to find in your own wardrobe the right match. And this is my mission for you, to help you get inspired! 

  For questions, impressions or collaboration you can contact me at mariana01mares@gmail.com. I will answer you as soon as possible.
  Thank you!!


  1. hi pretty! Nice blog, so i follow you :) it would be great to see you in my blog.

    Kisses from Spain



  2. nice blog..
    here is my new post http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2014/02/purple-coat-transparent-styled-blouse.html

  3. So nice and beautiful blog ! i really like it ! I want to invite you to mine, maybe u wanna follow each other ? If yes, just follow me and let me know ;* I will do the same as soon as possible ;*

  4. muy buenos modelos, te los copiaré sin duda. saludos desde Mexico.

  5. Hi Mary and greetings from London!

    I really like your images and personal style, and I'm enjoying reading your blog! I came to know about your blog through the Chictopia site. Thank you for adding me and taking the time to vote on my photos. It would be lovely to have you visit my blog too, and hopefully we can stay in touch!

    Anyway, I look forward to following your blogging adventures.

    Best wishes,




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