Friday, 25 May 2018

How to Refresh Your Animal Print

The animal print sometimes gives you the impression that is so hard to wear. I personally think it looks good only in casual and cool outfits, because otherwise it can really look so out of fashion. You can love it or hate it. 

Here are some tips for looking up to date in animal print:

1. Wear it with denim. If it is a jacket, you can belt it and have a cool appearance
2. Wear it in layers. If it is a top or a dress you can add it over a white t-shirt
3. Match it with gold details and accessories
4. If it is an animal printed coat, wear it over a hoodie
5. Join it with other prints. Zebra and leopard, why not?
6. Tend to wear it casual, even sporty, not dressy or too feminine because it finally will look old
7 Treat it like black.

If you need more inspiration I also have a style suggestion HERE and HERE


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