Thursday, 3 May 2018

5 Cool Ways To Wear Shirts

   Everyone has already in his wardrobe at least one classic line shirt. Some of us has forgotten about it and don't wear it anymore. Like me..

  I was a big fan some time ago and I have a big collection of classic shirts that I don't use it anymore. And because I decided to give it a chance to all my items in my wardrobe and invest less in new ones, now it's the time to get to the light, one of my oldest and favorite shirts in my wardrobe.
 I think that a basic shirt can look actually stylish and I can prove you 5 ways you can wear it and still keep it cool and fashionable:
1. Half tucked and half un-tucked, for a more casual and relax look. You can see an example HERE
2. Tomboy style is the style that always looks cool, fresh and young and it is present and reinterpreted in every season. You can see an example HERE or HERE
3. Layered white shirt: with a dress or a top over it for the ummer. Over a turtleneck, in winter like HERE. This is such an original way to wear shirts.
4. The belted shirt, gives a chic and edgy touch and highlights your waist, HERE
5. It also works as an off one shoulder top, like I am wearing it today. You don't have to invest in new fashionable off the shoulder items. You already have it in your wardrobe.

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  1. I really love this look, everything looks perfect!


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