Saturday, 28 April 2018

How to Get More Sophisticated in Your Everyday Wear

Sophistication is not something we are born with. It is something we can learn. I am trying to learn it too.

  1. But sometimes is not only about outfits, it also about attitude and that's where we shall start first. I am trying to be more responsible and mature, than I ever been. But since I know myslef I always been like that, little by little with time.
  2. Always look nice, take time for yourself, wear reasonable make-up, dress appropriately, choose it wise for every occasion. Always try something you fit in and flatters you. You really don't have to pay much for your clothes, I always belived that. I love clothes, but I don't spend fortune on them.
3. A part of sophistication I think it comes with education. So read more and work on your personal growth and evolution. Spend more time with your hobby. Mine - is blogging.
4. Speak elegant, don't shout or swell! I see young people and teenagers doing this so often and it is so sad. They look so less sophisticated and more uneducated...
5. Always try to maintain and excellent posture. Never slouch and always stay still!

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