Saturday, 14 April 2018

5 Reasons You Should Wear Red

  ENG: When I say you should try wear red more often, I don't reffer about an all red outfit, or red shoes, red pants and bag. Red could be only a spot or two, an accesory for example. That red spot really can change the whole look vibe.
  I must confess I was obsessed about a red hat which I wanted so much in my closet and it was really hard to find. Actually everytime I wanted to wear something I felt the need for that red special interest point in my outfits. Now I finally have it.

Let's stick to the important part, why you should wear something red, because I embraced this color long time ago and no, I wasn't quite a fan:
1. Red has the power to give you self-esteem and empowerment. That's good because we all need some positivity and trust in ourselves.
2. Women that wears red are considered more powerfull, determined and ambitious. And I know you want to be considered like that.
3. Red is the color for passion and great love. We all need more passion and love in our lives.
4. It is the color that gives you boost of energy, so when you feel down or low energy, try some red, please.
5. Red suits almost everybody, no matter what your skin or hair color is.

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