Monday, 23 October 2017

Too Many Wishlists

ENG: We have too many things in our wishlists. We make mental lists:" I really need that phone, that bag, that pair of shoes..." And we put all our desires in our minds. Some of them we buy them, some of them we forget. But we load our minds in that day with a specific wish. When buying that thing we wished for, we enjoy the new thing for a moment, but  then we tend to forget the joy and we move so quickly to the next wish.

  Society, media, fashion, trends, all makes us want different things and believe we can be happier if we will have them. Certainly these objects bring us a moment of joy, but most of the time it is a short one. Because there are other wishes in our busy minds, always others.
  I admit that what I am telling you now is from my own experience, which is why I have proposed myself that for a while I won't buy a lot of things for the sake of doing it. I will buy only the necessary and I hope to spend less money on clothes. And no, this is not about money! I do not want to raise money :)) but just to consume them for more wise purposes. I love clothes but I think it's a good time to capitalize what I have already accumulated so long. My dressing is full of forgotten and maybe unworn clothes. I'll try to use them. As a result, on the blog you will also see things I wear repeatedly, but I promise to do it differently every time.
 For example, this jacket, about which we had doubts at first as I was telling you in THIS post. Here I am wearing it again at a fairly short time. As promised, differently.


RO:  Avem prea multe lucruri in lista de dorinte. Ne facem liste mentale, ne-ar trebui acel telefon, acea geanta, acea pereche de pantofi. Si ne punem in cap tot felul de dorinte. Pe unele le aducem la bun sfarsit si ne achizitionam acel lucru propus, pe unele le uitam atat de repede pana la urmatoarea dorinta. 
  Societatea, media, moda, trendurile sunt de asa natura incat sa ne faca sa ne dorim diverse si sa credem ca putem fi mai fericiti daca le avem. Cu siguranta aceste obiecte aduc in noi un moment de bucurie dar de cele mai multe ori este unul scurt. Pentru ca imediat apar in mintea noastra alte dorinte.. mereu altele. 
  Recunosc ca ceea ce va povestesc acum, este din propria experienta, de aceea mi-am propus ca o perioada sa nu imi mai achizitionez o sumedenie de lucruri si maruntisuri, de dragul de a o face. Imi voi achizitiona decat strictul necesar si mai ales, sper sa reusesc sa cheltui mai putini bani pe haine. Si nu, aici nu e vorba despre bani. Nu vreau sa strang bani :)) ci doar sa ii consum in scopuri mult mai intelepte. Iubesc hainele dar cred ca e un moment bun sa valorific ce am acumulat deja in atata timp. Dressing-ul meu e doldora de haine uitate si poate nepurtate. O sa incerc sa le valorific. Drept urmare, pe blog veti vedea lucruri pe care le port in repetate randuri, dar promit sa o fac de fiecare data diferit.
 De exemplu aceasta geaca, in privinta careia am avut initial dubii dupa cum va povesteam in ACEASTA postare, iata ca o port din nou la un timp destul de scurt. Asa cum v-am promis, altfel.



Get the look:
Jacket: Zara
T-shirt: similar HERE
Jeans: Calvin Klein - Vintage
Velvet Ankle Boots: Stradivarius

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