Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lying through Omission

ENG: Hi all!

  Today we have a new post but not an outfit post. We bloggers, make so many positive ads on blogs, but why not to make some negative ads? Because yes, this post for today is a negative one. Today is about DHL and my experience with them. I thought the event I'm going to relate you, could also help you in choosing the right courier company.
  I would never choose this company, for bureaucracy and taxes, but also for the way the clients are treated. You will see:
 I was waiting for a parcel that contained a lovely gray coat that I had already seen in my outfits, in my mind :). I was already making plans how to wear it. And I also had a black, simple and beautiful leather hat.
 All good until one day one operator from DHL contacts me and asks me what the package contains. I give them the necessary details and later send me some forms to fill in. It was absolutely over the hand that day to get to a printer or a scanner. I made the impossible, possible, asked for the help of a friend and managed to complete the required forms. I immediately sent them, thinking that the long-awaited package would arrive as soon as possible. The next day, I receive an e-mail, which I am required to pay for about $ 50, although the seller was already paying for the shipment. This money was just for bureaucratic and customs duties.. I called the customer service and asked why I was not told this from the very beginning and the operator replied: "Because you did not ask!" :))
It's like lying through omission .. it happened to you? I give you an example. Today at work, let's say, I have mistaken some documents. And my boss is asking me "why did you not tell me? " And I would answer it ... "Because you did not ask me !!!" :)) Do you understand me?
Finally, I refused this package and I will look for other alternatives with other courier companies to receive the parcel or I will ask for the return of the money from the seller and I will never call the DHL service.

 The commissions are very high and the reason always invoked is "bureaucracy." But I sit and I ask myself .. the other courier companies .. do they not have "bureaucracy"? There are so many similar situations on the internet, so many people dissatisfied with DHL's services complaining about immense commissions and ugly situations in which it was omitted to say from the very beginning the duties you need to pay.

Personally, I label DHL's customer service as being disastrous. I have worked very hard and so long with clients and I think first of all we must be respected ...
That being said, I will let you decide what courier you choose to receive your parcel!


RO: Salutare tuturor!

  Astazi nu avem o postare cu vreo tinuta noua sau ce mai e in tendinte. Se intampla sa tot facem reclame pozitive pe bloguri, dar de ce sa nu facem si negative? Pentru ca da, postarea de azi e una negativa.
  Astazi este despre DHL si despre experienta mea cu acestia. M-am gandit ca intamplarea pe care o voi relata, v-ar putea ajuta si pe voi in alegerea firmei de curierat.

   Nu as mai alege niciodata aceasta companie, pentru birocratia si taxele impuse dar si pentru felul cum abordeaza clientii. Veti vedea:
 Asteptam un colet care continea un palton gri minunat pe care il vedeam deja integrat in tinutele mele. Imi faceam deja planuri cum o sa il port. Si pe langa palton, mai asteptam si o sapca neagra din piele, tare draguta. Toate bune, pana cand intr-o zi ma contacteaza un reprezentant DHL si ma intreaba ce contine coletul. Le dau detaliile necesare si ulterior imi trimit niste formulare de completat. Mi-era absolut peste mana in acea zi sa ajung la o imprimanta sau un scanner. Am facut imposibilul posibil, am apelat la ajutorul unui prieten si am reusit sa completez formularele cerute. Le-am trimis de indata, cu gandul ca va ajunge mult asteptatul colet cat mai curand. A doua zi, primesc un mail, in care mi se cere sa platesc suma de aproximativ 50 USD, in conditiile in care vanzatorul platise deja transportul. Acesti bani se justifica ca fiind taxe birocratice si vamale..  Am sunat la serviciul cu clienti si am intrebat de ce nu mi s-a spus acest lucru de la bun inceput iar operatorul mi-a raspuns: pentru ca nu am intrebat! :))
Este ca minciuna prin omisiune.. vi s-a intamplat?? Va dau un exemplu. Astazi la munca, sa zicem, am gresit niste acte. Si superiorul meu ma intreaba: "De ce nu mi-ai spus?" Si eu i-as raspunde... "Pentru ca nu m-ati intrebat!!!" :))) Ma intelegeti?
Intr-un final am refuzat acest colet si voi cauta alte alternative cu alte firme de curierat pentru a primi coletul sau voi cere inapoierea banilor de la vanzator si nu voi mai apela niciodata la serviciul DHL.

   Pentru cei care sunt din Romania, luati la cunostinta daca aveti colete de primit din afara Uniunii Europene. Comisioanele sunt foarte mari iar motivul intotdeauna invocat este: "birocratia". Dar eu stau si ma intreb.. celelte firme de curierat.. nu au si ei "birocratie"? Sunt atatea situatii asemanatoare pe net, atatia oameni nemultumiti de serviciile DHL in care se plang de comisione imense si situatii urate in care s-a omis sa le spuna acest lucru de la inceput.

  Personal, etichetez serviciile pentru clienti DHL ca fiind dezastruase. Am lucrat foarte mult cu clientii si cred ca mai intai de toate acestia trebuie respectati...
Acestea fiind spuse va las pe voi sa decideti ce firma de curierat alegeti pentru a va primi coletul!

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