Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On Repeat

  Hello lovelies! I am sure you all had a crush on at least one item in your lifetime!! You know that feeling when you like something so much that you don't want to end?  

      I know I should not get attached for things, because they are perishable and are just things, but exactly those things sometimes makes life more beautiful! You have seen on repeat my white sneakers, this is actually the third time in a row when I am wearing them on my blog! I hope I didn't bored you, because you will see them again! ;)) 
      Sunny days are over around here, but those pictures were taken when it was still a lovely weather, some days ago! Thank you for reading this! So, I wish you sunny days, wherever you are! ;)

What I was wearing:
Leather Pants: H&M, similar HERE
Fur: Random, similar HERE or HERE
Sneakers: Random


  1. Really cute, great leather pants!

  2. You could wear those sneakers everyday and I would still love them :)

  3. Your necklace is amazing!!

    || D I A N A ||

  4. Your necklace is so pretty! In love with the leather and fur coat!

  5. Beautiful fur coat,and all looks great my Dear!;))
    Have a great,fabulous weekend;))

  6. love the jacket and the necklaces! such a great look!


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