Saturday, 10 January 2015

Light Up!

  In my latest post I was telling you about my resolution for 2015. Well I didn't started with the right foot, as I expected.

   Sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down, but it's always about lighting up. Things are not how we expect it every time, but I will keep my head up and keep a possitive attitude, this is one of my greatest assets. I know it is ambiguous for you, well, my darlings, everyone has it's moments, all I want to induce to you is that, no matter what, we should get over it and find in ourselves the strength to move and carry on. So guys, let's light up!

Coat: HERE
T-shirt: No Name
Mettalic Skirt: New Yorker same HERE
Boots: Local Store
Necklace: Stradivarius




  1. Nice outfit :)

  2. Nice outfit! Beautiful!

  3. hello !!!! these incredible !!! I love the look perfect match, kisses

  4. I looove that necklace! Pairs so well with the blazer.
    Great outfit, Mary, as usual. :)

  5. That pink color looks so lovely on you Mary! I adore your jacket and that skirt is fantastic Have a nice day, kisses,

  6. Great blog♥

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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  7. So feminine. Love it :)
    Hope it all gets better soon!

  8. Beautiful coat,necklace,and I love Your hairstyle-very cute;))


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