Monday, 22 September 2014

Get Ready for Fall - Wishlist

Here it is a selection of the best clothes for this fall I found it online! I really need them to complete my fall wardrobe, I think these are the most versatile and in top items you could have this season.

1. The camel coat which is the most wearable item when the temp drops, we can wear it with jeans, skirts or dresses, and the color matches any color.  You can find it
HERE for US$46.00

2. The super ripped black jeans which you can style it with a t-shirt, shirts, sweaters, cardigans or every top you have. Any color texture and style. You can find them HERE for US$18.83 

3. The plaid shirt which is still in top this fall, so easy to style it and layer it. You can find it HERE for US$23.00

4. A vintage midi skirt, with a gorgeous print, in the autumn colors, for those fancy autumn days and nights. You can find it HERE for US$24.17

5. A vintage brown bag, as we know the vintage style is back again. You can find it HERE for US$20.76

6. A dark red cable knitted sweater, perfect anytime.You can find it HERE for US$18.33 on other colors, too.

7. Brown cat-eye sunglasses, as every fashionista should have. Although the days are colder, the sun is still up, and we still need sunglasses. You can find it HERE for US$12.93

8. A grey long sleeve and cozy cardigan, this kind of poncho are on the very top this fall. You can find it HERE for US$23.00

9. The leopard printed flats we can mix them with everything in our wardrobe, from denim to leather, lace, knits, stripes and colors. You can find it HERE for US$55.00

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