Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Timeless Black and White

    I have read somewhere that in fashion, black and white is always right. You can not go wrong with these colors. It is suitable in every season or event, in all cases. These are the most used colors in fashion. Separate or together, these are the safest colors to use. It was Coco Chanel the one who introduced the little black dress in1926, the beginning of the black dress into fashion scene. Then, white followed it and started a new era of this two colors. Black and white are so perfect together maybe of the contrast the offer to the eye, but still a great balance and harmony, they just enhance each other. Black and white really are timeless.

    Today I have chosen a black and white casual and comfy outfit, but i surely come back with new other black and white outfits ideas. Hope you like this! Thank you very much for reading this!!


  1. Great look!
    Would you like follow each other on GFC?
    Let me know.

  2. Oh very cute your top!

  3. sooo sooo stylish!!!

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  4. Amazing post!

  5. Timeless, indeed!
    And you look so cool with this outfit :)

  6. Really cute :)


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