Thursday, 5 December 2013

M Sweatshirt Day

    Initially, sweatshirts were a variation of sweaters intended for sport or casual wear. It is usually made of cotton jersey material. It gives you one special feeling wearing it, such as comfy and cozy. Although I have chosen to wear it with a checked shirt underneath and a pair of high heels, I still feel comfortable. I have just decided! I will need many more sweatshirts!! Maybe in my new post I will show you some new sweatshirts that i will find because sweatshirts became a huge fashion trend and they are so affordable and have real accessible qualities. But don't you ever wear it with your sweatpants and house slippers, because you will surely look sloppy.          
Style tip: Because of the rich structure that a sweatshirt has, it pairs wonderfully with super feminine pieces or opposite, super-not.                                                          


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